Many people use Ruby in their daily jobs. Others just as a hobby. Here you’ll find a small sample of real world usage of Ruby.


  • A research group in Motorola uses Ruby to script a simulator, both to generate scenarios and to post process the data.

3D Modeling

  • Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling application that uses Ruby for its macro scripting API.


  • Toronto Rehab uses a RubyWebDialogs based app to manage and track on-call and on-site support for the IT help desk and IT operations teams.


  • At MORPHA project, Ruby was used to implemented the reactive control part for the Siemens service robot.


  • Open Domain Server uses Ruby to allow people using Dynamic DNS clients to update in real time their IP configuration so that it can be mapped to static domains.


  • Ruby is being used within Lucent on a 3G wireless telephony product.

System Administration

  • Ruby was used to write the central data collection portion of Level 3 Communications Unix Capacity and Planning system that gathers performance statistics from over 1700 Unix (Solaris and Linux) servers scattered around the globe.

Web Applications

  • Basecamp, a web-based project management application developed by 37signals, is programmed entirely in Ruby.
  • 43 Things allows you to keep a list of goals and share it with the world. It was developed entirely in Ruby.
  • A List Apart, a magazine for people who make websites that has been around since 1997, has recently been revamped and uses a custom application built with Ruby on Rails.
  • Blue Sequence, a sophisticated mission-critical application which forms part of Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s own “sequence-in-time” production process, has recently been selected as finalist in this years British Computer (BCS) Information Management Awards.